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Discover the Hidden Gems: Top Chattanooga Hotels for Your Stay

chattanooga hotels

Discovering Chattanooga Accommodations

Chattanooga, Tennessee, nestled along the Tennessee River, is a city that combines scenic beauty with a vibrant urban atmosphere. For those planning a visit, finding the right hotel can enhance the entire experience. Chattanooga hotels offer a variety of options to suit every traveler’s needs, whether one is seeking a room with a view in the heart of downtown or a peaceful riverside retreat.

Downtown Delights

Downtown Chattanooga is the hub of activity, offering visitors easy access to chattanooga attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium, the Bluff View Art District, and a myriad of restaurants, breweries, and shopping malls. Here are some of the top hotels that blend convenience with comfort:

  • The Edwin Hotel Autograph Collection: With a blend of luxury and local artistry, this hotel offers 90 guest rooms and suites, a private art collection, and waterfront views. Located at 102 Walnut St, it’s a stone’s throw away from key downtown destinations.
  • The Westin Chattanooga: Known for its spacious rooms and majestic views, The Westin provides an exemplary service that has made it a favorite for travelers (Tripadvisor).
  • The Moxy Chattanooga Downtown: This hotel stands out for its modern vibe and prime location, ensuring a memorable stay for visitors looking for something unique (Tripadvisor).

Riverside Retreats

For those seeking tranquility and the natural beauty of the Tennessee River, riverside accommodations offer a serene escape from the bustling city life. These retreats provide stunning views and a chance to unwind by the water:

  • The Read House Historic Inn and Suites: A mix of history and luxury, this hotel offers a stay in the heart of Chattanooga with the river just a short walk away. Rooms average $162 per night, providing an upscale experience without breaking the bank (Tripadvisor).
  • The Hampton Inn & Suites Chattanooga/Downtown: Close to the river, this hotel offers clean rooms, complimentary breakfast, and a helpful staff, making it a great value for those visiting the city.

Whether it’s the energetic pulse of the downtown scene or the soothing flow of the river, Chattanooga’s variety of hotels caters to every preference. With options that range from budget-friendly to luxury, and even pet-friendly stays, visitors are sure to find the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring everything the city has to offer.

Hotel Highlights

Chattanooga, a city known for its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, offers a plethora of hotel options for travelers. Whether it’s the elegance of historic establishments or the chic atmosphere of modern lodgings, Chattanooga’s accommodations are sure to enhance any visit. Here, we spotlight some of the finest hotels that stand out for their distinctive characteristics and exceptional hospitality.

The Edwin’s Elegance

The Edwin Hotel represents the pinnacle of Chattanooga’s historic charm and contemporary luxury. With 90 guest rooms and suites, each stay is elevated by the hotel’s private art collection, showcasing works from over 75 local artists. The Edwin’s prime waterfront location places guests within reach of prominent attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium, Convention Center, and Bluff View Art District, making it a perfect choice for art enthusiasts and explorers alike.

Named after the visionary behind the historic Walnut Street Bridge, Edwin Thatcher, The Edwin Hotel bridges Chattanooga’s rich history with modern sophistication. Being part of the Autograph Collection, the hotel guarantees a unique and memorable experience steeped in local heritage (The Edwin Hotel).

Moxy’s Modern Vibe

For those seeking a bustling atmosphere with a contemporary twist, the Moxy Chattanooga Downtown is the place to be. Celebrated for its energetic vibe, this hotel draws in guests with its pristine accommodations and exceptional service. A stay at the Moxy ensures you’re never far from the city’s pulse, whether you’re stepping out to the chattanooga downtown area or mingling with locals at the nearby chattanooga breweries.

Visitors rave about the Moxy’s stylish design, cleanliness, and amiable staff, all of which contribute to a stay that’s both enjoyable and comfortable. This hotel is not just a place to rest but an invitation to experience the modern spirit of Chattanooga.

The Dwell’s Unique Decor

The Dwell Hotel takes visitors on a journey through time with its retro-chic ambiance and distinctive decor. Each room is curated to offer a unique experience, blending vintage charm with modern comforts. The hotel’s staff is noted for their warmth and attentiveness, ensuring that every guest’s stay is a delight.

Located in the heart of Chattanooga, The Dwell is the perfect starting point for guests looking to immerse themselves in the city’s trendy scene. From enjoying the culinary delights at chattanooga restaurants to exploring the local chattanooga museums, The Dwell offers a stylish base for all your adventures.

Each of these highlighted Chattanooga hotels offers a unique take on hospitality, combining the city’s historical roots with modern luxury. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, these lodgings promise an unforgettable stay in one of Tennessee’s most enchanting cities.

Pet-Friendly Stays

Chattanooga offers a variety of accommodations that welcome pets, ensuring that your furry friends can join in on the fun during your visit to this vibrant city.

Hotels Welcoming Furry Friends

For those traveling with pets, Chattanooga has no shortage of hotels that offer a pet-friendly policy. The Edwin Hotel, for instance, allows guests to bring one dog weighing up to 40 pounds per room, with a non-refundable fee of $150 USD per stay.

With 43 pet-friendly hotels in the city, you have a wide range of options to choose from, starting at just $49 per night. These accommodations not only provide a comfortable stay for you but ensure that your pet’s needs are also taken care of.

Accommodation Type Number of Options Starting Price (per night) Average Price (per night)
Hotels 43 $49 $117
Vacation Rentals 139 $55

Data sourced from BringFido.

Amenities for Your Pets

When searching for the perfect place to stay, it’s important to consider what amenities are available for your pet. Many pet-friendly hotels in Chattanooga go beyond just allowing your pet to stay; they provide additional services to make your pet’s stay as enjoyable as yours. These services can include dog walking, pet grooming, and complimentary dog toys.

Before booking your stay, inquire about the specific amenities each hotel offers for pets. This can help ensure that both you and your pet have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Chattanooga’s pet-friendly options are not just about accommodating your pet but also about providing them with a little luxury.

For more information on pet-friendly stays and other activities to enjoy with your pet, be sure to explore Chattanooga parks, Chattanooga hiking trails, and Chattanooga attractions that are suitable for your four-legged companions.

Budget-Friendly Options

Finding accommodation in Chattanooga that offers the comfort you seek without breaking the bank is entirely possible. Whether you’re looking for an affordable hotel or a cost-effective vacation rental, there are options to fit your budget.

Affordable Comfort

For travelers seeking economical yet comfortable lodging, Chattanooga presents a variety of budget-friendly hotels. With the average price for a cheap hotel room hovering around $97 per night (Tripadvisor), visitors can enjoy the essentials of a good stay – clean rooms, convenient locations, and basic amenities.

Hotel Option Average Price (per night) Notable Features
Standard Budget Hotel $90 – $100 Central location, free Wi-Fi (Expedia)
The Moxy Chattanooga Downtown $120 Modern design, vibrant social scene (Tripadvisor)

For those planning to explore Chattanooga attractions, many budget hotels are situated near key points of interest, ensuring you’re never far from the action. Always check for the latest deals and discounts, especially during off-peak seasons when prices can be even more wallet-friendly.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals offer a home-away-from-home experience, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotel stays. In Chattanooga, there are 139 pet-friendly vacation rentals with prices starting from $55 per night, making them an attractive option for both individuals and families.

Rental Type Average Price (per night) Features
Standard Vacation Rental $144 Kitchen facilities, privacy (BringFido)
Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental $55 – $144 Accommodates pets, flexible space (BringFido)

Vacation rentals also provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local community. Whether you’re interested in staying in a downtown loft to experience Chattanooga downtown nightlife or a cozy cottage near Chattanooga hiking trails, you can find a rental that meets your needs.

By considering these budget-friendly options, you can ensure your visit to Chattanooga is both memorable and affordable. Don’t forget to check out things to do in Chattanooga to plan your itinerary and make the most of your stay in this vibrant city.

Luxury and Boutique Hotels

Chattanooga, Tennessee, often referred to as the “Scenic City,” offers a wide array of accommodations that cater to those seeking a touch of luxury and unique local charm. From upscale amenities to boutique atmospheres, these hotels provide a lavish experience that complements the city’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Upscale Amenities

Travelers looking for a pampered stay will find Chattanooga’s luxury hotels offer an array of upscale amenities. Many of these hotels boast in-house spa services, fine dining restaurants, and even rooftop bars with panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. Some of the most well-regarded amenities include:

  • Spa Services: For relaxation and rejuvenation, select hotels offer full-service spas with an extensive menu of treatments.
  • Gourmet Dining: Enjoy culinary delights at on-site restaurants featuring locally sourced ingredients and innovative cuisine.
  • Rooftop Bars: Sip on handcrafted cocktails while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Chattanooga from a rooftop lounge.

The Westin Chattanooga is known for its spacious rooms and exemplary service, providing guests with majestic views and a prime location close to the heart of downtown Chattanooga. For more information on the local weather to plan your rooftop bar visit, check out chattanooga weather.

Boutique Charm

For those who appreciate a more personalized and intimate hotel experience, Chattanooga’s boutique hotels offer unique decor and trendy atmospheres. These establishments often reflect the city’s artistic spirit and historical heritage, ensuring a memorable stay.

  • The Edwin Hotel Autograph Collection stands out for its trendy design and comfortable beds, along with exceptional service that has made it a favorite among visitors to the area (Tripadvisor).
  • The Dwell Hotel captivates guests with its retro-chic vibe and distinctive decor, paired with friendly staff that ensure a welcoming stay.
  • The Read House Historic Inn and Suites combines the grandeur of the past with modern luxury, widely recommended for its refined elegance and an average price of $162 per night (Tripadvisor).

These boutique hotels are often situated in proximity to Chattanooga’s attractions, such as the chattanooga aquarium, offering guests the convenience of exploring the city’s cultural and scenic spots with ease. For an extensive list of things to see and do, including outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and shopping, visitors can refer to things to do in chattanooga.

Whether opting for the grandeur of a luxury hotel or the personalized touch of a boutique inn, visitors to Chattanooga are sure to find accommodations that suit their taste for the finer things in life, all while being surrounded by the city’s natural allure and cultural richness.

Location and Attractions

Chattanooga, often referred to as the “Scenic City,” entices visitors with its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural offerings. The strategic location of Chattanooga hotels ensures that guests are never far from the city’s diverse attractions, whether they’re interested in soaking in the scenic beauty or indulging in cultural experiences.

Scenic and Cultural Proximity

The proximity of Chattanooga accommodations to scenic and cultural landmarks is unparalleled. Many hotels offer convenient access to Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee Aquarium, and Ruby Falls, allowing tourists to easily explore these iconic spots without the need for lengthy travel (Expedia).

For those intrigued by the arts, Chattanooga’s hotels are often a stone’s throw away from museums, galleries, and performing arts venues. Visitors can experience the vibrant local art scene or catch a play at one of the nearby theaters. Not to mention, the downtown area’s nightlife, brimming with music and entertainment, is just a short walk from many hotel lobbies.

The city’s restaurants and coffee shops are also easily accessible from these hotels, with some even offering on-site dining options that showcase Chattanooga’s culinary delights. From mouthwatering barbecue to cozy brunch spots (chattanooga brunch), there’s no shortage of delicious experiences waiting to be discovered.

Adventure and Outdoors Access

For adventure enthusiasts and those who relish the great outdoors, Chattanooga serves as a prime hub. Hotels here are gateways to adventures like hiking, biking, and water sports, all set against the backdrop of the city’s breathtaking natural landscapes (Luxury Escapes).

Guests can conveniently access outdoor attractions such as the Chattanooga parks for a relaxing day in nature or embark on a journey to discover the majestic waterfalls in the vicinity. For those looking to stay active, the city’s plethora of golf courses and expansive hiking trails offer both leisure and challenge.

Whether you’re planning to immerse yourself in cultural activities or set out for an outdoor expedition, Chattanooga’s hotels are perfectly positioned to cater to all your exploration needs. With a range of accommodations available, from luxurious stays to budget-friendly options, every traveler can find their ideal base for discovering the hidden gems of Chattanooga.

Traveler Reviews and Ratings

The voice of fellow travelers can be a beacon for those seeking the best accommodations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With an array of hotels to choose from, reviews and ratings become invaluable in highlighting the cream of the crop. Here, we delve into the top picks from guests and showcase award-winning hotels that have captured the hearts of visitors.

Top Picks from Travelers

When it comes to selecting accommodations, traveler feedback is instrumental. Based on the latest data, the Moxy Chattanooga Downtown shines brightly with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 773 guest reviews. This establishment has not only impressed with its high standards but has also earned a Certificate of Excellence in 2023, a testament to its commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Guests have particularly lauded the Moxy for its stylish rooms, amiable staff, vibrant ambiance, and its prime location close to chattanooga downtown attractions. The range of amenities, including a rooftop bar, complimentary breakfast, and pet-friendly accommodations, further add to its allure.

Following closely, The Edwin Hotel stands out with an impeccable overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on feedback from 345 guests. This hotel’s recognition extends to the prestigious Travelers’ Choice 2023 award. Patrons of The Edwin have expressed their satisfaction with the upscale lodgings, top-tier service, scenic vistas, and proximity to the Market Street Bridge. With amenities such as a rooftop pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, and complimentary wine social hours, it has secured its place as a favorite among those seeking luxury and convenience.

Award-Winning Stays

Chattanooga’s hotel landscape is dotted with several other award-winning properties that have garnered high satisfaction ratings. Among these, The Read House and The Westin Chattanooga offer unique experiences that resonate with guests. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their high ratings and the positive reviews they have amassed from visitors.

These hotels, with their combination of charm, comfort, and top-notch service, represent the diverse array of accommodations Chattanooga has to offer. Whether you’re seeking a lively atmosphere, luxurious stay, or simply a comfortable retreat, the traveler reviews and ratings provide a clear guide to the best hotels in the city.

By exploring the experiences and accolades shared by fellow travelers, one can make an informed decision when choosing among the chattanooga hotels. The insights from these reviews not only shed light on the quality of stay but also encapsulate the hospitality that Chattanooga is known for.

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